student comments

Below are comments from past students who have taken courses with me. The comments are separated by course. 

Psyc 100

2nd Half of Introductory Psychology

The material is extremely interesting and presented in a way that's easy to understand and remember.

Dr. Blair was very knowledgable and related the course to our own lives. She made the material interesting and kept us involved in the class through mentimeter. That was the first time I used that, and it was very interesting.

The exams not only challenged us to demonstrate our knowledge of content, but also challenged us to apply that knowledge to different situations instead of just regurgitating information. There was a lot of fascinating information presented in the form of primary sources, books, videos, and photographs of primary sources, this really added to my interest in the course content.

The instructors utilization of technology was extremely impressive and made the course much more enjoyable and engaging. it also made it much better to keep up with assignments and such with the instructor providing a constantly up to date calendar for students.

I definitely was able to be engaged by this class. It was one of my favourites I've taken so far at this university. The professor discussed intriguing topics, and used so many ways to express the information. The use of technology was amazing, and the fact they allowed students the responsibility to have so much technology in the class really improved the course. 

Psyc 240

Social Psychology

Dr. Blair has stimulated my interest of this course. She truly captures my attention for the entire classes and provides many opportunities for students to work on raising their marks. I loved how we had many different assignments to work on throughout the semester. It allowed me to stay on top of work. I also love how Dr. Blair is so good with technology. It allows her to connect with the students more.

GREAT prof, very calm/cool/collected.....relates material to relevant real world events that university students understand!! LOVE the use of Evernote. Very organized, COOL. I'm a Belieber.

Best course I have ever taken at StFX! Loved Dr. Blair, how she taught, she knew her stuff and really cared about her students. I've never liked psychology until this semester.

I loved the information we learned in class, it is relevant to my life.

Dr. Blair was a phenomenal professor! She is very knowledge on every subject we covered and should interest and enthusiasm! The use of technology and all the online activities we had to do made it so easy to learn the material and made it more fun! The use of mentimeter kept me so engaged in class and I'd leave class already understanding the concepts! I really enjoyed this class and I am not in psychology put Dr. Blair made it fun and I found myself going home and telling my roommates about an interesting thing I learned!

It is very well organized, the lectures are interesting, I have lots of opportunities to do well, and the assignments are helpful throughout the course. 

I love how we get to do course connections. It really ties together the material that we're learning in separate courses. I also like how we get participation points for showing up and paying attention, rather than having to speak out in front of the entire class! It's good for students who are more introverted and don't necessarily feel comfortable sharing their opinions as freely.

She talked with us in a story format which allowed for things to stick.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this class. Most, if not all lessons were easily applicable to situations and challenges we face everyday. 

Dr. Blair sets you up for success in her course, and it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to put the work in.

Psyc 302

History & Theory of Psychology II

I thought the course was fantastic, and I learned so much about the field I hope I will someday be a part in. 

I would tell students to keep up with the readings, because they really help inform class discussions and give a full picture of the topics we discuss.

I definitely have a greater and deeper understanding of psychology as a whole now that I have a working knowledge of its history. I would say that my critical thinking skills have also improved and I realized this after being introduced to the replication crisis in psychology. And I have a new found love for journaling!!!

Everything in this course has changed the way I think about psychology and I will always remember it. I will always keep in mind that the history of any discipline in general is so important. 

I learned how to use new write more think critically about psychology's past. 

I am someone who really struggles with writing, so I was worried about taking this course given that 45% of the grade is based on writing. However, after each assignment Dr. Blair gave me great feedback and I feel that my writing has greatly improved as a result of this course. 

I loved Dr. Blair's unique take on the history of psychology. She went beyond the textbook and made connections to today. 

Dr. Blair turned a dull subject (one that I was dreading) into something that was interesting and relevant to present day. 

The novel by Dr. Aronson was 10/10 and I hope that it is required reading for the course in years to come. 

psyc 441

Advanced Social Psychology - Topic: Social Psychology of the Holocaust 

This was one of the most interesting courses that I've ever taken. Dr. Blair is fantastic, she is very well organized and gave us many opportunities to apply our knowledge in different ways. She encouraged us to challenge ourselves and we all emerged with tools for critical thinking that could be applied to any class. Excellent course, good format, would recommend to any student of psychology or history.

This course was one of the best I have taken at STFX. It was incredibly interesting and I looked forward to this class every week. The material was interesting and the class discussions were in-depth. Dr. Blair encouraged each of us to speak freely about our ideas without fear - it was a very comfortable classroom environment. Each class left me thinking about our discussions for the rest of the evening, and I often told my roommates and other people in my class about our discussions and their opinions. As a psychology student, the Holocaust is an incredibly interesting and relevant topic to explore in-depth from a psychological standpoint. It allowed for the practical application of everything we have learned in the past three years to explaining an event of such evil that actually occurred. It was by far the most interesting and thought-provoking courses I have ever taken, and I will take what I have learned and apply it in my future studies.

I would highly recommend this course to other students.

Dr. Blair is an excellent instructor, she made us all feel comfortable about engaging in discussions about some very dark chapters in history. She was very aware about the effect that the topic may be having on us so we often took some time to discuss that which was very considerate and helpful.
This course was wonderful, and I recommend it to any psych student.